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Summation Pro (and Express)

Let's take care of some rumors:

AccessData, the owners of the new Summation Pro and Summation Express issued a cease and desist letter in January 2011 to all (then) certified Summation trainers - regardless of some of our incredibly long-lived loyalty to the solution - to stop calling ourselves Summation Certified Trainers.

Fast forward to 2014, and AccessData has continued to consider those of us still yet willing to help out and work with the solution, as persona non grata, so most of us have now also moved on. We wish to work with software companies that value the contributions we bring, with our decades of experience and professionalism. Thus it's with a heavy heart that persons like myself have made business decisions we will no longer be supporting the new Pro or Express product lines.

I do very much continue to support, train and consult on all things iBlaze and Enterprise, with almost 20 years of experience behind me, so please let me know if I can help!

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